Aram Tchekrekjian - CodingSonataMy name is Aram Tchekrekjian, I’m a passionate software developer with 13+ years of overall experience in various development languages including vb.net, c#, java and some php, during which I gained abundant of knowledge in Asp.net Web Forms, Asp.net Web Api, javascript, bootstrap, entity framework, WCF, windows forms, SQL server, MySQL as well as Android.

Currently I am a technical manager, leading the apps development and delivery of Aramex International through a cross-functional teams working on multi-platform projects.

My main interests are: .NET, Web APIs, Web Security, and content creation.

CodingSonata.com is my professional blog where I can provide technical information to my fellow developers and anyone who would like to learn with all coding and software development related topics. I combine the coding experience with listening to classical music, so I post a piece of music on each article I write so my amazing readers can immerse themselves with learning, coding and listening to great classical masterpieces.

I love listening to classical music, especially while coding hence the name of the blog 🙂

I do listen to various musical eras from as early as renaissance until modern age, however, my all time favourite always remains the baroque era.

I sincerely dedicate this blog to my mesmerizing and brilliant wife Lena, she is such a wonderful person who always pushes me to seek and extract my inner potentials.

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