Book Review: React and React Native

React and React Native Book Review

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React and React Native

Build cross-platform JavaScript and TypeScript apps for web, desktop and mobile

Fifth Edition

By Mikhail Sakhniuk and Adam Boduch

React and React Native

Deep Dive on React

From the very basics of React the book begins explaining about the essentials.

There is an immense knowledge on the core building block – the Component.

Another essential part comes right after the component is JSX – JavaScript Xml, the syntax extension of JavaScript to enable writing HTML in react in a simple way.

Other component related Topics including:

  • Event Handling
  • Data exchange
  • Life cycle events
  • Building Reusable components

Also there are good details on few of the newer features:

  • Hooks
  • Automatic batch state updates

Moving forward going deeper into React’s features, you will learn:

  • TypeScript and how to use it for type-checking and validation
  • Navigations with Routes
  • Advanced UI components: Layouts, Navigation, Lists, form elements, themes
  • Server-side rendering (SSR) with Next.js framework
  • State Management using Redux and Mobx
  • Remote API Calls with Axios
  • Server interaction through TanStack
  • Unit Testing with Vittest and mocking dependencies

Building on top of the superior technology of React, React Native was born.

Step Into React Native

What is React Native?

A cross-platform technology to build modern apps targeting both Android and iOS.

Why React Native?

It is one of the top choices for building comprehensive apps that target the different mobile platforms Android and iOS with an almost complete code sharing while providing a near-native experience.

The other half of this book covers the basics and some major topics in React Native including:

  • Responsive layouts with flexbox
  • Navigation between screens
  • Rendering lists and lazy loading
  • Using maps with geolocation APIs
  • and many more

About The Authors

Let me share with you a highlight on the background of these brilliant authors:

Mikhail or Michael Sakhniuk

A principal software engineer and blogger, Mikhail has over 8 years of experience in a multitude of frontend technologies, including JavaScript/TypeScript, React, React Native, Next.js, Electron and Flutter. Throughout his career, he had the chance to work for a wide range of companies with different sizes and built solutions with a global reach crossing 30 million users.

Adam Boduch

Originally a Python developer, Adam is a multi-book published author and a senior Software Engineer. He has been developing large-scale software solutions for over 20 years. 15+ of which have been focused on frontend technologies mainly using JavaScript.

The authors made sure in this edition to include all recent updates in React and React Native, as well as TypeScript

With the extensive knowledge of these great authors, the book will take you on a long journey to learn how to build modern front end apps for web, desktop and mobile

Final Thoughts

The book is rich with diagrams, screens and code examples so you will feel totally immersed while learning these amazing technologies.

After finishing this book and implementing most of the code examples mentioned, I can assure you that will become a highly proficient web and mobile developer with a strong basis and knowledge in building cross-platforms modern apps.

It is a highly recommended read if you want to take your front-end development career into the next level and shine.

Today you have the chance to make this tiny investment for the sake of your career growth.

Don’t hesitate and give your career this knowledge-based boost.

Grab your copy here

React and React Native


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