Most Active .NET Facebook Groups to Follow in 2021

Most active Facebook groups to follow in 2021

Last Updated on May 17, 2021 by Aram

Sharing with you the most active .NET Facebook Groups to follow in 2021. These group have strict policies and rules to only allow fine-tuned and curated spam-free resources. Also, the discussions and conversations are all strictly monitored so only on-topic and relevant discussions are allowed.

Follow these groups to stay up-to-date with latest .NET news, articles, tutorials, discussions and if you have any question you will have an array of great .NET technology experts waiting to answer you.

Common topics covered in these groups are C# and .NET Technology which mainly includes ASP.NET Core and its list of technologies like Web API, MVC and Blazor.

You might find as well some relevant technology stacks for front-end or back-end development.

So let’s find out our list of most active .NET Facebook Groups to Follow in 2021:

ASP.NET Core & Blazor

Founded by Dmitry Pavlov (aka the coding machine), this group has the most active members of all groups with over 35k members. In addition, it is a host for the most talented and professional developers with specialization in the latest technologies related to .NET including ASP.NET Core, MVC, Web API, and Blazor. In fact, this group is on the top position for the most recommended .NET Facebook groups to follow in 2021

Number of Members: 35.9K

Group Link:

ASP.NET MVC Code First

Created by Rahul Sahay, this is a highly active and heavily engaged focused group. Discussions and shared resources are tightly monitored by the group admins and moderators to keep it clean and neat, so you will get really high value of knowledge when you join this group.

Number of Members: 38.7K

Group Link:

DotNet Developers

This is a highly active focused Facebook group, founded by Bebins Winoya, dedicated for all .NET developers, so join this group for a wealth of knowledge and great discussions shared by the group members. In addition, discussions and resources are well monitored here and anything against rules is not tolerated.

Number of Members: 16.7K

Facebook Group Link: Programmers

A group founded by Chidozie Peter Ugboma, it involves discussions and topics all related to ASP.NET technologies and programmers. Moreover, It is monitored to keep the conversations and share links clean, spam-free and to the topic.

Number of Members: 15.4K

Facebook Group Link:


This group is founded by Raju Prasad , it is admin controlled discussion group specialized in the latest ASP.NET Technologies mainly including MVC, however you can initiate and engage in any discussion or share resources about different technologies of ASP.NET like Web API or Blazor. Accordingly, the space is open and you are welcome to join and get indulged with the other professionals and knowledge seekers.

Number of Members: 14.8K

Facebook Group Link:

ASP.Net Core/C#/MVC/API/Jquery/Html/Sql/Angular/Bootstrap

Founded by Tech Floor, this group has exposure to different technology stacks that most of them base on ASP.NET Core, you can engage in discussions and share whatever learning resources you like provided that such are according to the group rules and fit the categories that the group name has.

Number of Members: 9.7K

Facebook Group Link:


Owned by Neuro BD and Omor Faruqe , this is a focused group on helping developers learn everything about ASP.NET MVC and Core. It is also worth to mention that all posts are monitored in this group to guarantee clean and spam-free resources sharing and to keep the discussions within the group’s topic.

Number of Members: 5.9K

Facebook Group Link:


Founded by Reza Karim, this group has a very active community with members always posting questions and sharing useful links all about ASP.NET Core, MVC and Web API in C#. Even though any member can post without having approval, the discussions are being monitored for any extruders trying to post spams or going against the rules.

Number of Members: 10.0K members

Facebook Group Link:

Blazor – ASP.NET Core

Brought to you by AshProgHelp, this is a growing group that specializes in ASP.NET Core and Blazor technologies, it is highly engaged group with questions, discussions and shared learning materials.

Therefore, join this group and help get it expanded by sharing it and inviting your network to join as well.

Number of Members: 5.7K

Facebook Group Link:

Angular & .NET Core Developer

Created by GeeksBlood, this group combines 2 great complementary development stacks: Frontend and Backend. whether you are learning or working with Angular or .NET Core or even looking for a job within these fields, then this group suits you pretty well. So join this group to get involved in all discussions, conversations and knowledge sharing and other interesting topics about Angular and .NET Core technologies.

Number of Members: 6.3K members

Facebook Group Link:


I am sure there are still more groups that have focused discussions and talks about .NET and ASP.NET technologies, however in this article I have mentioned the ones I know they are really great communities and I am actually a member within each one of them.

Nevertheless, If you are a member in other active Facebook groups that are mainly dedicated towards .NET and ASP.NET technologies, please share in a comment.

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Note: I have also started a new Facebook Group with name ASP.NET Core , feel free to join it and invite your friends. It is a focused group for all topics and technologies related to ASP.NET Core Technology Stack.

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