.NET Articles of December – Week #3

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This is a weekly aggregation of the latest and most useful .NET articles and blog posts that have been forged and published by the .NET community professionals.

So let’s find out what are the .NET articles of December Week #3 (13-Dec-2020 / 20-Dec-2020)

Implement API Versioning in Asp Net Core 5 Web API

Published by MEBAKAR1005 on 20-Dec-2020

Learn to make a web app with ASP NET Core and Vue

Published by Sam Walpole on 19-Dec-2020

Full-stack application development with AngularJS 11 and Asp.Net MVC Core 5.0

Published by Gul Raeez Gulshan on 18-Dec-2020

How To Optimize Background Tasks Using Hangfire and ASP.NET Core

Published by Sam Walpole on 16-Dec-2020

.NET 5 Source Generators – MediatR – CQRS

Published by Tore Nestenius on 16-Dec-2020

Getting Started With Azure Service Bus Queues And ASP.NET Core Background Services

Published by Sumit Kharche on 15-Dec-2020

How to Support .NET Core SameSite + OAuth Apps on Linux

Published by Gergely Sinka on 15-Dec-2020

Should I use self-contained or framework-dependent publishing in Docker images?

Published by Andrew Lock on 15-Dec-2020

How to Add Basic Authentication to an ASP.NET Core Application: OAuth Security

Published By David Grace on 15-Dec-2020

ASP.NET Core Environment Variables and Configurations

Published by Sabari M on 13-Dec-2020

.NET Articles of December – Week #3

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