.NET Articles of December – Week #4


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This is a weekly aggregation of the latest and most useful .NET articles and blog posts that have been forged and published by the .NET community professionals.

So let’s find out what are the .NET articles of December Week #4 (20-Dec-2020 / 27-Dec-2020)

How to deploy Blazor WebAssembly to Firebase Hosting

Published by Niels Swimberghe on 27-Dec-2020

Audit Trail Implementation in ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core

Published by Mukesh Murugan on 26-Dec-2020

Logging in ASP.NET Core 5 using Serilog

Published by Waqas Anwar on 26-Dec-2020

Asp.net Core: Create Sitemap dynamically with MySQL database [ Razor Page]

Published by Satinder Singh on 25-Dec-2020

Setup JWT as OAuth Bearer Token in a ASP.NET Core Application: OAuth Security – Part 2

Published By David Grace on 23-Dec-2020


Published by Saineshwar Bageri on 23-Dec-2020

Guidelines to improve your software design skills with .NET (Part I)

Published by Kevin Avignon on 23-Dec-2020

Why the C# Record type is important

Published by James Charlesworth on 23-Dec-2020

Microsoft Releases gRPC-Web for .NET

Published by Waqas Ahmed on 22-Dec-2020

Behold, BlazorMirror! A guide to building a Magic Mirror with Blazor and RaspberryPi

Published by Matt Seigel on 22-Dec-2020

Angular Email Confirmation with ASP.NET Core Identity

Published by Marinko Spasojevic on 21-Dec-2020

What’s new in .NET 5 and C# 9

Published by Andrea Angella on 21-Dec-2020

Interacting with JavaScript Objects using the new IJSObjectReference in Blazor

Published by Niels Swimberghe on 21-Dec-2020

.NET Articles of December – Week #3

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